The easygoing Mastidoodle is a fun-loving mix of the loyal, intelligent Standard Poodle and the gentle giant Mastif. Their love of kids and other animals makes them a great family pet who wants nothing more than to hang out with their human pack. A great walking or running companion, this big boy is obedient, well-mannered, and smart. – an ideal pooch for those who love a big dog.

The Mastidoodle is a large, somewhat active dog who will need a nutrient-rich kibble specifically formulated for a dog of his age, size and activity level. Because he has a tendency to become obese, always choose a food that is low in fillers (carbs) that may cause him to over-eat to feel full..

The Mastidoodle comes from two intelligent breeds that make him quick to pick up commands and fairly easy to train. However, this pooch does become bored and distracted easily so patience will be needed along with interesting incentives to keep him engaged and learning. As with most breeds, a firm consistent approach that is rewards-based will net you the results you are looking for.

When fully grown, the Mastisdoodle’s weight will reflect whichever of his parent breeds is more prominent. As a result, he could weigh as little as 55 pounds or as much as 100 pounds if he leans more toward the Mastiff.

The Mastidoodle is a sweet-natured, gentle giant of a dog that once socialized gets along well with kids, other animals and new faces. This smart boy can become easily bored and distracted making him a handful to train and destructive when left on his own for long periods. A family where a member works from home, puzzle toys and interactive playtime can help alleviate this. His protective nature makes him quick to bark to warn owners of a stranger turning him into an ideal non-aggressive watchdog.

Your Mastidoodle is a dog that will on average live between 9 and 12 years which is typical for most large dogs.

The Mastidoodle comes from two large athletic dogs and while he isn’t considered high-energy, he will need long daily walks or runs to keep him fit and healthy. Because this dog can become bored and restless, mental stimulation is important and mixing up his walking regimen with interactive backyard playtime and dog parks can be just the ticket.