How often do you have puppies available: 4 to 5 times per year
Will you ship my puppy?  YES, Contact Us.
Do you potty train the puppies?  NO, they are crate/pad trained but they are babies and are still working on it.  This will be your job as soon as you get him/her home to crate train. you need to have a medium size crate, and keep them there all night if possible.  Taking them out once you are up.  As he grows, he will go the full night with out accidents.  Puppies don’t like to sleep in a dirty blanket, so they will try not to mess up their place, but in the beginning he/she may have accidents.
What kind of food are the puppy’s eating?  we currently feed them iam’s mini chunk’s if you decide to feed them something different we supply some food when you pick up the puppy to mix with the new food to help your puppy’s stomach adjust.
Why is my puppy having diarrhea when I got home? changing food or new snacks will produce diarrhea in your baby.  Try not to feed him table foods or just give him chicken, beef or another protein in very small amounts.  Give him a treat when he is doing well,  a fat puppy is not a healthy puppy.
How many vaccines does my puppie needs?   3
Is it hard to potty train a puppy It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and dedication on your part. Do not let the puppy tell you what he want’s to do, you are the boss.
Exercise:   Make sure that your puppy takes a walk or runs after a ball every day, or just let him run around.  They need to build muscle to be strong and healthy.
Keep clean water available at all times.
After a puppy eats.  it will take from 10 to 15 minutes for him to go to the bathroom so be ready to take him out or better yet feed him outside and wait until he goes.
Bathing and Grooming:
in general you only need to bathe your dog once a month or when it gets dirty or smelly.  Bathing too often can remove natural oils, making your dog’s coat and skin too dry.  Brush your dog at least once a week.  Brushing helps stimulate natural coat oils, prevents tangles, and is a great way to check for external parasites, such as ticks and fleas.  You should also trim your dog’s nails every 2 to 4 weeks.  Make sure that he if   is cold outside he is completly dry.  Brush his/her hair and get them used to that routine, the more you comb their hair the less hair in the ground.