Our puppies are guaranteed to be in excellent health, to the best of our knowledge at the time of purchase.
At 7-8 weeks of age they are inoculated with their first shot and have been D-wormed 3 times.
You have  (72 hours) from the time of the purchase, to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian.
We strongly urge you to do so. If the veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with the puppy due to genetics,() PLEASE BRING A NOTE from him telling  us why this puppy is not acceptable).  we will replace your puppy from one of another litter .
  Hernias are cause by the dam puling the umbilical cord to hard, or is simply an outy not an ini if anyone of our dogs produce hernias in more than one litter we retire them, the same happens if we have Cherry eye, I’m proud to say that our lines are clean from this problems, that doesn’t mean that it could never happen, sometimes this happens when a puppy gets his eye scratch by a foreign object or by another puppy, don’t let your puppy stick his head out the window of a moving vehicle, something may injured the eye an cause  Cherry eye.
 We like to keep in touch with puppies parents, We want to know, evaluate and maintain the ongoing quality and health of our puppies,  please lets us know if there is a problem in that lineage.
We will not allow anyone of our puppy’s to be placed in a shelter, abandoned, or simply be without a loving home for any reason. We will take your puppy’s back and find a good home for them no money will be return.
We love pictures, please send them our way.
thank you
Since your puppy’s immune system is not fully developed until it has reached the age of twelve weeks and has received its twelve week puppy shot the following precautions must be followed to limit your puppy’s exposure:
Never put your puppy on the floor, ground, furniture, or examination table in a veterinarian clinic unless you have personally observed that it has been sanitized and disinfected. Although necessary, the veterinarian’s office is one of the most dangerous places you can take your puppy.
Never take your puppy to areas where dogs of unknown health may have visited. This would include walks outside of your property, pet stores,  dog parks and specially at the Airport  grounds if your puppy has been ship to you, until its immune system has fully developed and it has received its twelve week puppy shot. (3 vaccines total)
 Health Treatment Disclaimer **
Since being in the business of raising puppies we have encountered a few circumstances that can be harmful to our puppies and as such exclude these treatments from our guarantee:
Lepto shot are not approved until your puppy is at least 1 year old.
Heart worm six (6) month shot program should never be given to your puppy. If your puppy receives this treatment all guarantees written, verbal or otherwise implied shall be void. Heart worm Tablets are approved only at the right age..
Treatment by any Emergency 24-hour Clinics are not permitted under any circumstances. If your puppy is treated in such a place, all guarantees written, verbal or otherwise implied shall be void. Our experience has been they are wrong more times than not and often have killed puppies from over medication or procedures totally unfounded by good medical practices they are in the business of making money.
The breeder has been  very careful to breed for clean generations but nothin is 100% clear.      GENETIC  problems are guarantee up until age 2 years.   If the  breeder  can be of any help please feel free to ask, we can help you most of the time, call or text any time,  Puppy’s are crate trained. They sleep in a create and when I get up I take them outside to do their business. You will have to  house train them since they have to get used to your own routine.
1:The buyer will be providing for his welfare, including personal attention, supervision, housing, diet, treatment and health. Puppy will never be left unattended inside a car or any vehicle that can cause harm.
2.  The buyer agrees that this puppy will never be neglected. abused or treated cruelly in any manner.  The puppy will not be left chained, beaten, teased, trained for attack, guarding property, and will not be used for dog/anima fighting.
3. The buyer agrees that the puppy will always receive professional medical attention and will not let the puppy harbor parasites.
4. The buyer agrees to provide  companionship for this puppy, never leaving him/her  for long periodsof time without human attention.
5. The buyer agrees to provide a generous amount of exercise (but not excessive for Cocker Spaniels), GOLDENDOODLES love lots of exercise .
 always providing clean water and food.
6. The buyer agrees to never allow this puppy outdoors unless fenced or leashed to ensure his/her health and safety.
7. The breeder warrants and guarantees this puppy to be presently of sound health, he/she has been taken to a licenced Veterinarian stating that the puppy is in great health.  Puppies have been vaccinated and D-wormed  acording to their age.
8. Puppy’s must be taken to a licenced Veterinary no later    than 72  hours after leaving our facility for   our   guarantee to be valid. 
9. The puppy will be accepted back by the breeder if the purchaser produces a Veterinarian Certificate stating that  the puppy has a serious health issue that will
   compromise the life of the puppy.  Worms, dirty ears or fleas are not a reason to return your puppy, we do give our puppies  a bath before they go home.  We will disclose a bad bite or Hernia if any.
 I don’t like the Puppy is not a reason to return him but we will take it back, you will loose your deposit and the puppy will be sold depending on his age at a discount price or place in a loving home, if this happen the buyer will not get any monies back.  
10. Puppies will be treated with  our veterinarian recommended flee product.  I have been giving all my dogs and puppies baths with Dawn dish washer soap ” Platinum is gentle to their skin, no fragrance, and kills fleas and mites.
11. Many of our breeder dogs come from champion lines, We don’t breed for the fame we breed for the health Beauty and tempers. Champion dogs have been tested for eyes (OFA) and hips for many generations, in order to become champions.  Our puppies are whelped inside our home and they are held and spoiled all the way until they go home at 8 weeks old. we expect that you will keep your puppies indoors and make him part of your family. 
12.  Please remember, head out the window of moving car, running in tall weeds, cats or other pet scratches in the eye can be a reason for a puppy to develop Cherry eye. This can be fixed by your Veterinarian, sometimes with out surgery.  Sometimes because of the change in homes or trips puppys develop a condition call coccidia, this will produce diarrhea so we treat our puppies with Albon 3 days before they leave. A stool sample presented to your vet will determine if your puppy has it. Coccidia can be caused by dirty water or stress. Some puppies get car sick on their trip home. They may vomit or get diarrhea. This often happens when puppies are shipped out. If you are picking up your puppy from the airport please be prepared. Bring paper towels, wipes and a clean towel and remember do not let your puppy go to the bathroom anywhere  other dogs may have been. Let them go on a towel or news paper. Distemper virus is everywhere, and your puppy is not protected until it has had its last vaccination.
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