Puppies are not toys
Just like baby’s they don’t come with instructions, but there is a lot of information about it that you can read,  in or at the library.  I will provide you with a puppie book with important information, vaccine record, guarentee, contract,  AKC registration form and Litter Certificate  Labradoodles and Goldendoodles litters are not AKC Register but both parents are.  Any of our designer breeds are CKC registerd (CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB) so you will have a pedigree of your puppie. .

BUYERS BEWARE there are wonderful Veterinarians out there that really care for our pets, but there is also many that are looking at your pocket and will suggest expensive exams,  x-rays, deep ear cleaning, or blood test(owner beware heart worm medication should not be given to a puppy, if they give it to yours our guarantee will be void).     Ask for a physical  exam, and bring a stool sample.  WE DO NOT PAY FOR VETERINARIANS BILLS so is up to you to let your Vet do expensive exams.  REMEMBER puppies need 3 shots, do not take your puppy to parks or out in the street were other dogs have been until they have all 3 vaccines . PARVO KILLS

To avoid ear infections please clean your puppies ears with a solution of 50% white vinager and 50% 91% proof alcohol! I will show you how to clean them, do this every time the puppie gets a bath or goes swimming.
SOME puppies  develop diarrhea with the stress of going to another place, TO AVOID this from happening we are treating our puppies with ALBON, TO prevent  coccidia. They may also get car sick in their way home, don’t worry if they don’t eat right away they may need a little time to get used to the new home, if your puppy was ship he has not been feed for a long period of time do not feed them until they are home but please do offer water as soon as possible.

PARVO kills and can live in the ground for many years, a puppy can die in 5 to 10 days if they don’t have their vaccines and your Veterinarian cost can go to the roof, if you suspect parvo, a very stinky diarrhea,  nausea,  weaknesses and sadness please call me I can help you, don’t feed your puppie if this occurs just give him/her pedialite or water to keep him hydrated to restore and maintain balance fluids.

 NO PUPPY’S ON  THE GROUND. UNLESS THEY HAVE ALL SHOTS.  Veterinarian (office is ok as long as it has been disinfected), airports and parks are very danger to your pet. do not take them to this places until they have all their 3 shots.  keep them  at home and premises that you know.  You will be tempted to take them out of their create when you pick them up at the airport, this is the worse place please wait until he/she is at home or use a pad or news papers in your car.
FLEAS: your puppy will be given a bath with Dawn liquid dish washer soap (I prefer the blue kind Platinum)   is gentle and kills fleas.  Ask your Veterinarian for a product for fleas (Frontline, Advantix etc etc) there is a wonderfull product call REVOLUTION kills fleas, mites, ticks worms but you need a prescription from your Vet to be able to purchase this online.  Revival Animal Health is a great source of information and products for your animals needs just google it.
 If there is something wrong with your puppy , you will need to get a letter from your Veterinarian stating that the puppy is not acceptable because it has something that will affect his life.
Fleas are in the ground, worms can show up in their stool even as I have wormed them 2 times before they go home, that is not a reason to return your puppies. Cherry eye can happen if your puppy is playing or running were there are tall weeds other pets or your puppie is aloud to have his head out in the car window, debris can injured  the eyes, this may happen with Cocker Spaniels.  We do not breed dogs that produce cherry eye.
DEPOSITS ARE NON RETURNABLE we will give you another puppy from another litter if something is terrible wrong with yours,  we need  a letter from your Veterinary.  I DON’T WANT HIM ANY MORE, OR THIS WAS A MISTAKE, OR I’M ALLERGIC TO PUPPY is not a reason to return him/her.  But I will take the puppy back and find him/her a new home no guarantee that you will get all your monies back.  Please make sure that you are ready for a puppy and study the breed and the puppy needs before you make a decision.
We were feeding our puppies with a Kirkland brand from Costco call Natures Domain puppy chicken and pea formula, I recommend this brand to people that has Costco near.. now that we moved to Georgia Costco is to far away.  I have started my adult dogs on a food call 4HEALTH CHICKEN AND RICE FORMULA.I get it at tractor supply.
They are living our home with their first puppy shot , please make sure that in 2 weeks they get their second shot and 3 weeks after that the third dose. I will write down all that information for you.