Puppies are not toys
Just like baby’s they don’t come with instructions but there is a lot of information about it that you can read in AKC.org.  I will provide you with a puppie book with important information, vaccine record, our puppy guarentee, contract,  AKC registration form and Litter Certificate for applicable litters.  Labradoodles and Goldendoodles litters are not AKC Register but both parents are.  Any of our designer breeds are CKC registerd (CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB) so you will have a pedigree of your puppy. any mixed breed can not be registered as AKC because its not a pure breed.
 NO PUPPY’S ON  THE GROUND. UNLESS THEY HAVE ALL SHOTS.  Veterinarian (office is ok as long as it has been disinfected), airports and parks are very danger to your pet. do not take them to this places until they have all their 3 shots.  keep them at home and premises that you know.
FLEAS: your puppy will be given a flea bath before going home.  in the event your puppy picks up fleas ask your Veterinarian for flea products (Frontline, Advantix etc etc)
IF there is something wrong with your puppy , you will need to get a letter from your Veterinarian stating that the puppy is not acceptable because it has something that will affect his life/ health.
Fleas are in the ground, worms can show up in their stool even as I have wormed them 2 times before they go home, that is not a reason to return your puppies. Cherry eye can happen if your puppy is playing or running were there are tall weeds other pets that could spread bacteria to their eyes.
I DON’T WANT HIM ANY MORE, OR THIS WAS A MISTAKE, OR I’M ALLERGIC TO PUPPY is not a reason to return him/her.  But I will take the puppy back and find him/her a new home no guarantee that you will get all your money back.  Please make sure that you are ready for a puppy and study the breed and the puppy needs before you make a decision.